ADT Advanced Defense Technologies Inc. offers various ranges of radio frequency detectors / jammers and tracking systems.

RF detection / jamming:
ADT Advanced Defense Technologies Inc. offers its range of standard radio frequency detectors and jammers with various frequency ranges and output power. Applications are protection against RCIED (Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices) used in form of vehicle-installed for VIP convoys, as mobile solution for Bomb Squads, Airport Police and Special Forces as well as for soldiers in form of a manpack jammer or fixed installed to protect premises.

Also, our high frequency jammers may be applied in electronic war cases to block a countries TV / radio communication network by jamming the respective satellite.

The jammers are used as well as for blocking the mobile phones in prisons or to protect a meeting room against espionage.

Tracking systems: A range of standard tracking systems, developed for applications as tracking a lost or kidnapped person, tracking of shipments and goods as well as tracking of vehicles is available. Depending on the application, various versions and accessories are available.

Tracking / Control of objects:

Small radio transmitters / receivers, so called “RF-Tags” allow to localize and detect objects and persons at large as well as from a very short distance. An RF-Tag implanted in any kind of object is in radio contact with its reference RF-Tag. Various programming features allow to alert in case of movement or the approach of other RF-Tags. Each RF-Tag may be localized on an implanted map.

Examples of applications are:
1. Controlling and preventing the loss of soldiers on a warship
2.Automatic control and update of the presence of soldiers on a military base
3.Control of military goods / ammunition on a military base
4.Rapid location of prison guards in emergency