News & Events

ADT Inc. releases „Lightning“, the state-of-the-art technology in vehicle installed RCIED Jamming – a hybrid Jammer combining Continuous Jamming and Reactive Jamming.
ADT Inc. releases "WatchDog" the new communication jammer for prisons. It is a high efficiently, economic jamming system, to be powered and controlled over Ethernet (PoE). Any means of communication between 20-6000 MHz may be suppressed.
ADT Inc. releases a new version of the mobile jammer serie "Athene", a jammer in a pelicase with up to 600 W output power and covering 20-6000 MHz.
ADT Inc. releases the RF Jammer "Predator" for drone installations.
ADT Inc. releases the new wideband RF Jammer / Detector "Ambassador", a new era in counter-intelligence for government institutions, embassies and corporates. The "Ambassador" detects and jams automatically any mean of espionage from 4 - 6000 MHz.
ADT Inc. offers now the Backpack - Jammer "Gladiator" with increased output power. Versions now available at 400W, 600W and 900W.
 Eurosatory Paris, 16-20 June 2014. Please contact us to get an invitation.
 Counter-Terror Expo London, 19-20 April 2011. Visit us at booth G10.
 Europoltech Warsaw, 13-15 April 2011. Visit us at booth T7.
 DSA Defence Services Asia, Kuala Lumpur. 19-22 April 2010.Visit us at booth 3074.
 Counter-Terror Expo, London. 14-15 April 2010. Visit us at booth L6.
 ISNR, Abu Dhabi. 1-3 March 2010. Visit us at booth 3123.
 Nato Technology Demonstration Event, 05.-15.10. 2009, Airbase, Belcoast, Belgium Upon live field tests our Jamming System Phantom was awarded as the Most Efficient RCIED Jammer.